The Supplementary Story.

Long time since i blogged again! Its happening too often.

>> Rewind. My last post was on June 15th and it is now july 5th. After completing the internship at Sun, I had to study for my supplementary examinations. Yeah. I had a supple in organic chemistry. A long story behind that as well. I always wanted to have a supple, because i firmly believe in experiencing everything the college has to offer and not offer. I always used to see people have so much fun studying for supple…Playing cards, getting stone cold drunk before the exam, studying a bit and managing to pass. I always thought I was missing out on so many “experiences”.So this was always there in the back of my mind.I wanted a supplementary!

Rewind to May 1st. Organic chemistry final semester examination was the next day. I had 44/50 in the internals. I needed an “A” in the subject to assist the growth of my steadily growing GPA of 7.6 something.The exam was at 2pm. I was prepared for it. I entered the examination hall, said my prayers took the answer sheet. The first quetion was easy. Just some nomenclatures, for 10 marks. I breezed through that. Next was geometrical isomerism on cyclohexane. I knew it, and I knew I knew it, but on the answerr sheet it just did not come out right! Same thing happened with many other questions. I was half way wen i saw that I did not know an 8 mark question.I dint know what to do! I badly needed that A.

Then I did the unthinkable! I scratched out all the 7 questions, and walked out of the examination hall. Just as I came out, I met JK who also had done the same. Then we went to the teacher telling him that we were nt well and that we could not write properly. He took it much calmer than we expected him to.Then he dropped a bombshell. He said, since i had 44/50 in the internal, if at all the pass mark was 40, I would pass with a D, without getting to write the supplementary! Ammi also had the same problem. He had 45! We realised we had commited a stupid mistake. All we could do was pray to get a supplementary.

May 15th >> Results were out. I had a GPA of 8.42 excluding the F in organic! Later we came to know 45 was the pass mark in organic. So I had a supple at last! what i always wanted.

Back to Jun 15th >> The supple in organic was the next day. I dint feel like studying one bit. I was wishing i had finished it off then only. Absolutely no mood to study. I had completed the intership at Sun. I was in a happy, go lucky mood. Never felt like writing the exam! I played Counter Strike and had to go to the bank  pay the college fees. It was raining and I felt lazy and gloomy. It happens always. I always find myself doing something i never did, before an exam! I cleaned the room, washed clothes as I was going home the next day. I got up on the day of the exam at 7 0 clock. I went through my room mates old notes for2 hours. I found myself waking up to an alarm at 10. I felt too bored to study any further. I started watching Al Pacino’s 88 mins. At 12 30 I got ready and left for college. My uniform was at home. So I wrote a letter to the principal requesting him to give me permission to sit in the exam. I went to his office, confident that he would allow me. The PA to the principal then told me that Princi had stopped giving such permission. That a senior was not allowed to write the exam not being in Uniform. Damn I thought. It was 1 pm and exam was at 1 30 ! I ran to the hostel trying to get someone lend me their uniform. Half way, I luckily saw Rohit. He was in his uniform and dint need it. We quickly exchanged attire and I ran to the examination hall just in time.

The exam was very difficult. Even more than the original end sem. I wrote it really quick though. I was the first to finish the exam.I wrote it in 1 and a half hours. I came back to hostel, watched the remaining bit of  88 mins did my packing and was on my way home to Mysore! The supple…not exactly the experience I had hoped for,but an experience all right!


~ by varun686 on July 5, 2009.

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