IPS Packages For Open Solaris

Immediately after Fosster ‘ 09, ( A free and open source conference we conducted in our college) Avinash got a mail from SUN Microsystems. It was a call for summer internship for those who had contributed to OSUM. I, having contributed to OSUM through bug-fixes in OHAC, got selected. I was delighted at the prospect and we chose to do it online, which meant we could do a good project over summer in college, coupled with this. Killing two birds with one stone!

Promptly on May 17th I got a mail from one Mr. Ajay Kumar from Sun Microsystems.It said we had to work on IPS, which meant we would be porting apps to Open Solaris by creating IPS packages.I found a lot of help in the forums and the opensolaris website and this was what I had to do.

The 4 major steps, broken down are:

1) Build the package using common method like, make, make install and figure out the dependencies.
2) Set up build environment (CBE)
3) Write a spec file.
4) Use pkgtool to generate IPS.

The prerequisites for packaging :

Sunstudio compiler:
pfexec pkg install ss-dev

Required packages:

Download the CBE from :http://dlc.sun.com/osol/jds/downloads/cbe/test/

– extract and run cbe-install (requires Primary Adminstrator Privileges)
– For a user to build and install packages using CBE requires software Installation privileges

Download latest pkgbuild from here : http://pkgbuild.sourceforge.net/download.php (version >= 1.3.98, for generating IPS packages)

Get existing spec files to play around with:
svn co svn+ssh://anon@svn.opensolaris.org/svn/jds/spec-files/trunk spec-files-trunk (gets all spec files to spec-files-trunk)

set the build environment

$ . /opt/dtbld/bin/env.sh

Write a spec file: http://jucr.opensolaris.org/help/spec_file

Now build the package using pkgbuildpkgtool –download –ips build-only SFEblah.spec (svcadm enable pkg/server , for IPS repo on http://localhost:80 )

If the package gets passed, go to jucr.opensolaris.org ,and submit the copyright file and the spec file.


~ by varun686 on June 15, 2009.

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