To Hell With The Media.

Just some random questions in my head, you know the ones that keep throbing, just like Muhammed Ali’s jabs…his continuous jabs…which eventually used to wear his opponents down.Finally, these questions defeated me, and I just had to do some thinking and find some answers…I decided to put these questions and answers, right here on this wordpress page of mine. You may agree with me, you may not, but atleast i get the satisfaction of putting forth my views.Here are these “random” questions of mine…

1. What influences the Indian Public the most ?

2. Who advertises terrorism ?

3. Who ends up “dividing” the people of United India ?

All the answers head in the same direction, the ANSWER, PLAIN AND SIMPLE, couldn’t be clearer.


The best way, to convince myself that I was right,I thought, was by taking examples. Let me start off with the first question.

What influences the Indian Public the most ?

We never stop by to think how much infuence the media has in our lives, do we? By media, I mean, Television, Radio, etc. A large number, infact a huge number of people have access to the media in our country.I have noticed, people starve, for television.They save up by not eating their three meals a day,so that they can hand over the 150 rupees that the cable guy comes to collect every month.So the guys who control the media, literally have access to change the thought process of a billion people!So now that it comes down to just a bunch of people, who control the media, it is what they decide on that goes out to the masses.The greedy creeps that they are, they choose to sensationalise. Drama always wins the day.It increases their TRP.

I have personally lost faith in the NEWS channels.They are pathetic.Absolutely pathetic.They dont want to report news.They just want viewers.I badly want to know whats happening around the world, and all I can see is this strip below,


and there is a repeated broadcast of pictures of Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif for the whole day.

Gimme some News.Stop thinking about TRP for God's sake!

Gimme some News.Stop thinking about TRP for God's sake!

The Indian Cricketers also seem to have lost faith in the media. They had to come out as a team to show that they were united, just because some wh*re of a journalist, to probably increase the TRP and get a promotion, reported that there was a conflict between the Indian Captain and Vice Captain.If India loses by any chance, people will probably burn effigies of Dhoni and Sehwag!

Journalists have stopped reporting what is happening.They think they rule the ring, and impose their opinions.

All of them in the News circles dont seem to care what the consequences of reporting false information is.They just dont understand how it affects the thoughts of people.The media have access to millions of minds and oh yeah, the mind is very powerful and capable.They better realise that.They better pull up their socks, be more ethical and report important news correctly.

Who advertises terrorism?

Mumbai, 26/11.The terrorists succeeded. Large thanks to the unlimited coverage given  to them by the Indian media.These terrorists, wanted to carry out their message and they managed to do it with ease.

Just imagine the amount of cash required to buy TV time for 10 days!The media gave them free publicity!Counter Terrorist experts say, the first thing to do is not to give terrorists publicity.When you dont want a dog to tag along, you dont give it food do you? I fail to understand why the news persons, who think so highly of themselves, do not understand this simple fact.

A detailed coverage of the positioning of NSG commandos was shown live on TV. Oh yeah, I salute the media for that.They even spoke to a terrorist on phone!Good Job.Wouldnt it have been better to give your recorder to the terrorist before the attack, WITH THE CHANNEL’s NAME PRINTED ON IT BIG ?You could have even asked the terrorist to say something like ” Catch me live only on Channel X .”

When the govt decided to shut down cable tv in Mumbai, there was a huge outcry by media persons, saying people need information.All the information being given was the tactics of the Indian Army and NSG and the Marine Corps….and you had lakhs of Mumbaikars glued to their TV and not going for work.Oh Thanks to you, the terrorists won.

Who ends up “dividing” the people of United India ?

Why does the media divide India based on religion? More commonly, Minority and Majority?Let me bring to your attention, that a Former Captain, now politician, on being caught for match fixing said ” People are targeting me as i belong to the minority community.” What the hell does it mean?Aren’t we all INDIANS ?Whoever sold his country should be punished! Majority or Minority.But we Indians..yeah, we crown him KING.Nice.

Well, I wont say more, this being quite a controversial topic.But I would like all of you who read this to try and understand What secularism is, What Hindutva is, and why it is important for us to know our culture and stick to our ideologies and not fall prey to corruption and bribery like our politicians do. It is sad that they do anything and everything, to retail POWER.

Please do not go by the definitions given by the media and politicians for their convienience, research yourselves.

Well, These were some random things going on in my head and here it is in front of all of you.I have lost faith in the media, and I feel India will be a much better country, without any communal violence and hatred if the media just reports good, positive news and do not impose their personal views.I feel if you give negative news attention, you are just supporting the cause, breeding hatred! Its only going to help negativity increase…and Indians have had enough of it.

All you guys in the media,I plead you all to report/write responsibly to build a stronger India.

Jai Hind.

PS: Please leave your Comments.


~ by varun686 on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “To Hell With The Media.”

  1. Nice quotes especially “just because some wh*re of a journalist” 😉 ….

    BTW really great article. Never thought in this angle about our “All Pervasive” media.

  2. I agree to some of your views, but then it is very much a single sided approach. I completely agree with you when it comes to the mainstream media, now, being purely a puppet at the hands of wealthy and they almost blindly follow the ideologies of their bosses. Its sad to see that the media has not really been able to cater real news to its audiences. Almost all of them compete for circulation and that too based on some virtual rating systems. hoo.. am too tired of it.. commercialization is ok, but when the media gives us biased news, its upto us to show our anger by mailing to the editors, responding in the blogs.. just like you have done.

    But at the same time, we must not be tricked into generalizing it. Still, its because of the popular media that people are becoming aware of our polity..

    But at the same time, we must not be tricked into generalizing it. Still, its because of the popular media that people are becoming aware of our polity..

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