Sex: -> No Results Found ! Microsoft’s Bing For You ;)

Bing, the new search engine from Microsoft Corp., doesn’t return any result for one of the most searched terms from India: sex. However, if you tell the search engine that you’re from the USA, or any one of the European countries (users can easily change country without even logging in), and bingo, several links are returned. If you say you are from China or an Arabian country, or Hong Kong or Singapore, again, no luck.

According to Google, insights for Search, “sex” has been a high-volume search string from India, ranking above 60 on a scale of 0 to 100 since 2004. The volume has been growing and in 2008. It was among the most-searched terms on Google, a search engine that demonstrates no inhibitions in returning links related to sex, much like its competitor Yahoo!

But Bing seems to be doing the right thing, complying with the provisions of the Information Technology Act of 2000, ehich states, anyone publishing or transmitting or causing to be published or transmitted content of a pornographic nature can be punished with imprisonment up to five years and a fine of Rs1 lakh, he said. And the definition of such content is quite wide—“any content that is lascivious and that will appeal to prurient interest or the effect of which is to tend to deprave or corrupt the minds of those who are likely to see, read or hear the same,”

Ironic then, that while Bing has been careful about potential liability in certain countries, it has been less so with the “autoplay” feature that allows videos to be played within the search engine, and still more ironic is the fact that with a neat work around anybody, with a few clicks can get to see what they want, without even leaving the search engine!


~ by varun686 on June 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “Sex: -> No Results Found ! Microsoft’s Bing For You ;)”

  1. nice blog…

  2. hey nice one….dude post the link of the search engine….

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