Sat Bye Bye To Your Lungs.

I was just gonna close the lid of my laptop last night, when i saw vipin sir’s message.Today is No Tobacco Day.
So i opened the laptop back again, thought id go through on some tobacco stuff, so i could write a blog post.The things and images i saw were really so, SO DAMN scary ! On the way back to the hostel, the thread of thoughts flowing in my mind seriously gave me a sleepless night! I was just imagining so many of my friends with lungs that looked like coated with TAR!If you guys dont believe me, just check these out.

is your favourite color black?

is your favourite color black?

Im sure,the smokers wont even look at these images.The weak characters, they are, they will probably run away from it.When I’ve asked people, if they arent afraid smoking out their lungs, they say… Oh its gonna happen only late in life…Well, I ask, “IS 35 LATE ENOUGH ?” Yes, people can die when they are 35 ! Heart attacks, Lung cancer, clogging of the arteries what not.

cancer is a scary word.

cancer is a scary word.

Pregnant Women Smoke! It is a fact.On average, babies born to women who smoked during pregnancy are almost 225g lighter than women who don’t smoke. Low birthweight is one of the leading causes of infant illness, disability, and death. The evidence that cigarette smoking may have other harmful effects on the fetus is more controversial, but some problems associated with smoking include ectopic pregnancy (where the fertilised egg implants outside the womb), miscarriage, abnormal placental implantation, premature placental detachment, vaginal bleeding, premature delivery and sudden infant death.
Let me tell you people an incident.There is this tea shop near our hostel.We get stuff to eat, drink and smoke.There was pretty old man in the store.I knew him personally to be a very nice guy. He even saved me once from flunking in cMOS exam by giving me a real hot cuppa chai.Then one fine day he passed away,just like that!Me an my friends could not help thinking that what caused his death was passive smoking.People would smoke day in day out in that place which could have resulted in his sad demise!

Quit, TODAY! wen time is still left.

Quit, TODAY! wen time is still left.

I still dont get understand WHY people smoke! In the past I have smoked,trying to figure out what is it smokers enjoy.True you get a kick if you smoke your first one.But if you smoke 40 a day, its just out of habit.You dont get a kick if you smoke so often.One more point i really fail to understand, is that people who smoke form a small sorta community, smoke, rejoice and feel proud! Like they climbed Mt. Everest!
Well, if you still dun understand, WTF! think of widowing your wives and orphaning your children if you dun care about what happens yo yourselves!


~ by varun686 on June 1, 2009.

6 Responses to “Sat Bye Bye To Your Lungs.”

  1. So when do we meet again to have a “PUFF” ….. 😉

  2. nice blog..really informative..ill link this page and send it to some friends who really need to c this! 🙂

  3. I am a smoker..and have been a smoker since I was 15 years old…I am now 19…all I have to say to you is stop judging people who smoke!

    You don’t know how the people who smoke grew don’t know anything about STOP JUDGING!

    Oh..and by the way…I HAVE looked at images about what smoking can do to your lungs! So call us smokers weak if you just shows how inconsiderate you are towards people who aren’t as PERFECT as YOU! And just so you know…people can also die at age 1, 10, 15, 20, 25, and it’s not always from SMOKING! Have you ever heard of OBESITY or SIDS or alcohol abuse or drug abuse or car accidents or other PROBLEMS associated with LIFE!?!?! Well if you haven’t I suggest you look ’em up like u supposedly did with SMOKING!

    And your whole statistics about pregnant women who smoke and have babies and the problems associated with that…do scientist actually have proof about EVERYTHING they say…and im not talking about LAB RATS like they do with all their other testing… MY MOM was a victim to 2nd hand smoke, which is worse, if you didn’t come across that in ur little reaserch… and she has had 3 wonderful children with NOOO problems. same with all my friends who have had kids.. they smoked throughout their whole pregnancy and ABSOLUTELY NO PROBLEMS! so explain that one if smoking is SOOOOOOO BADDDDDD!

    …did u know that problems with babies..even if the mother smokes..can be GENETIC!!!!! didn’t think so… SO GET UR DAMN FACTS STRAIGHT OR STOP HATING ON PEOPLE U KNOW NOTHING ABOUT!

    ..OH AND ANOTHER THING…yeah..people smoke..just to try it..but if they smoke a pack a day or more..that’s not out of habit…ITS CALLED A HABIT YOU DUMBASS!!!! DURRRR!!!!!

    and your whole “small community thing” LETS bE A LITTLE MORE IMMATURE you know BECAUSE EVERYONE in small community rejoices after having a cigarette.

    To me it sounds like your a “big city SNOB” that thinks she knows everything!


    • The very fact that you have posted such a comment justifying your ‘HABIT’ shows your insecurity. I am pleased that you posted this.

      Readers, It may look like i’ve lost a battle with BEOTECH(the guy above), but i’ve succeeded in winning a war. Many of my friends have read this post and tried to quit smoking.

      …and BEOTECH, if you wanna correct my language, sure you can,

      (..OH AND ANOTHER THING…yeah..people smoke..just to try it..but if they smoke a pack a day or more..that’s not out of habit…ITS CALLED A HABIT YOU DUMBASS!!!! DURRRR!!!!!)

      please check yours as well..

  4. “beotch” That is one of the most ignorant things I’ve ever read in my life. You should be slapped in the face. Everyone who read this, smoker or non hates you.

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