The Summer Ordeal

Its been quite some while since in blogged, and I thought it would be apt for me to blog considering the ordeal I have been going  through.Well exams ended on the 7th of May and i went back home…My Parents and sister left for France the very same night…i was not going, tough luck, but the brighter side was that i had the house to myself for 1 whole week!

Well…i was pretty damn busy….i must say…I had refused to take any help regarding the cooking…My mother had insisted that she would ask some one to come n cook for me…but i successfully persuaded her ; telling her that i was pretty capable of handling myself.So the first day was good…there were some left overs and i managed with Maggi.I cooked it all pretty decent and ate it up without making much of a mess. The night was indeed horrible.Worthy of a blog post! The power went out at 8 pm.So i switched on the Inverter.Then there was this Bangalore Royal challengers match…vs Chennai.A must win for B’lore….I just had to watch with the inverter on, i switched on the TV, knowing fully well that if the inverter went out there wouldnt be power…Bangalore played really well, out of their skins and ended victorious!i was leaping with joy…when all of a sudden the inverter started beeping.

Thats it I thot…stopped the TV…the damn thing was still beeping…so i switched off all the lights in the house.finally it stopped.I thanked my stars, and switched on my Laptop..i browsed through my mail for some time when this bloody box started beeping again! so finally i had no other go and switched off the modem. I started playing sudoku on the laptop, the night was pretty young…aroun 11 30 id say…i was at a very crucial stage…if i got just one no right, i cud solve the puzzle…yeah, and thats when the screen blackened out…running outta charge..I was fuming…i picked up the phone and started calling the KEB (Karnataka Electricity Board) … more commonly Katle Erli Bidi (Let it be dark) It was ENGAGED! I never thought someone would be there at that time…thats when it dawned on my…it must be someone else like me calling…to blast them to bits…finally…i swore a bit and went to sleep…i wasnt sleepy…i twittered it on my phone…then there were mosquitos…and all kinds of flies…and stuff disturbing my sleep.Before i knew it it was daylight, and it was damn cold i swear..i got up to make tea n realised there was no milk…quite a night that was! The next few days were the pretty much the same .Frequent power cuts n Rain…an me doin my own washing n cooking…Meeting some old friends was sort of a consolation i guess… Finally i decided to pack up my bags and come over to coll…

On the way back, i couldn help thinking…i had asked for it.. 😛


~ by varun686 on June 1, 2009.

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