FOSSTER 09 :) – (Y)Our Freedom Begins here…

Fosster’ 09 began on the 28th of March…so here i go again…Tirthankar and Mayuresh came at around 7 o clock and Murali and I were at the Amrita Sethu to receive them.Er…A small mishap took place…Sandeep who had gone to recieve them called an said they were stuck because of some celebrations on the road by some locals…(Tirthankar has those photos,and i’ve put a couple u too) and we continued waiting…when Avinash called and asked me to recharge his phone…we went to a recharge shop nearby.Then  this guy called up asking us to meet them in 2 mins..Gosh…it was like the sky dropping on us…and we ran like crazy till the bridge…We received them and took them up to their rooms and i started getting the key out of my pocket and realized Mayuresh’s room key was missing…Man…that was some feeling…I asked Murali to take care and ran all the way back to that shop, searched the whole road 3-4 times! Finally i went to the office asking for a duplicate and then the guy at the counter said somebody had found the same key in the ashram!Man I was one relieved person…

KNR arrived a little later and Avinash and i were at the bridge to receive him.Early next morning,Tirthankar and Mayuresh went with Biju sir to the beach to see dolphins (photos put up) and i showed KNR around the ashram.By the time we reached the college,there was a huge crowd and about 400 students including volunteers were there.KNR gave the keynote and Mayuresh gave a really good talk on Open Solaris.Tirthankar finished his after lunch and Murali and i accompanied them back till Ernakulam Airport.

We could not get the college car on the way back and both of us reached our hostel exhausted at around 1 30 pm after travelling on the foot board of a Local Kerala bus.The next day was not as exhaustive, everything went very smoothly and we had a lot of fun.

The Ubuntu stall, which Anshuman, Mridula, Bhaskar, Shobith and Rashmi were in charge of turned out to be a big hit and we got a lot of registrations and several participants got ubuntu installed.Finally after the function ended…we were drained…but dunno how…wenever felt tired…Bijuji treated all the volunteers with ice creams.Lots of fun and 4 hours later we returned to hostel at 10.30…Man…i slept peacefully at last! here are some pics….


Amritapuri Visit

Amritapuri Ashram

Foster – Part 1

FOSTER – Part 2


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  1. This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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