All right…so im gonna start my blog off with FOSSTER 09.It was one helluva event people. (

Lemme tell you how it all began and how i got was 12:15 on a sunday and i was washing my clothes (okay, im a hosteller and i try to wear clean clothes most of the time 😉 ) when i got a call from Avinash Joshi, Campus Ambassador of Sun Microsystems.He called me up n said…rather instructed me to be in the conference room by 12:30 ! WTF ! i thought! Anyway, cursing him all the way from hostel to college i finally met him in the conference room.With him were a few students and our mentor Vipin Sir. Here began the journey.We categorised the areas we needed to work on, made a list of sponsors we could contact, assigning each one with some duty.The idea to hold this conference was always there and finally we actually started planning for it.

A few days later i was out in kollam on an outing when this guy called up again, and asked me to make it to college in half an hour.This time i made it to college without cursing him, and all excited.We had a meeting with the Director, HOD’s and a few other “important” people.We presented the budget we’d prepared and they were very supportive of the event.But the said they would not fund us as the financial year was already drawing to an end.

We never lost hope though, we searched all over the place for sponsors and managed to get a few local sponsors.We began organising the event.We formed different commitees and we out our heart and soul into organising the event.We finalized the date(28th and 29th March) and the agenda was planned.Sun Microsystems CEO KNR, Mayuresh and Tirthankar obliged to come down.Amarnath Raja (InAPP solns ) ,Anil Nair and Uncle Chandra Kumar were other invitees.

One week of sleepless nights and bunking classes paid off, and we had the college ready for the event…About what happened @ FOSSTER….watch out for my next entry.Some pics of the college before the event started…


~ by varun686 on March 31, 2009.

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